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10+ tips To Sell Your Home Faster

Selling a home can take between 60 and 180 days to sell a home according based on recent surveys in the housing market. Every seller putting up a home on sale almost always expects a short period of waiting before landing the buyer. There are several things you can do as a seller to make your house more appealing and lessen the waiting period for your sale.

Settle on your selling decision.

Before engaging a broker or real estate agency to help you sell your house, you need to answer the most basic question: Do I want to sell this home? Many sales fall by the wayside because sellers change their minds before the deal is done. No matter the reasons, a change of heart means the initial decision might have not been well thought out. It’s important to consider all possibilities ahead of the sale to avoid dropping the sale prematurely. A home that goes on sale on and off loses trust with potential buyers.

Clear up from the home

Any potential buyer coming to see the house on sale would like to feel that the house is ready for a new and the best way to do that is to remove personal items. An open and empty home feels more welcoming to a new buyer. It gives the buyer a chance to visualize themselves occupying the rooms with their items and decorations which could aid their decision making. There are options to moving your belongings me on sale including renting commercial temporary storage, moving into a new home or storing in a neighbor’s house.

Spruce up the home

Imagine being a buyer and you are visiting a potential home; how would you like to find it? This is how you should look at your house as the seller. The home must be prepared to appeal to the buyer in all respects. You need to invest some time cleaning the house thoroughly ensuring you cover every part. All necessary repairs should be done and a fresh coat of paint is also necessary to brighten the walls. Be keen on areas like the kitchen, dressing room and the bathrooms. The lawns and driveways should be well manicured to give the home a welcoming ambience.

Set the Right Price

Selling at the right price makes your home sell faster and makes you look more serious as a seller. You need to engage professionals or real estate agents to help you set the right price that will give you the value you are releasing. Setting the price below or above your neighbors may be a put-off for potential buyers. It might create and impression that there is a hidden details about the home. Remember that buyers also seek advice before going out to look for properties. They will most likely have a estimate of the price you would like for the home even before they come calling.

Wow potential buyers with a great description

A home is more than just a house. Most buyers will be more interested in the neighborhood first before the home. Write a description that captures what living in the home feels like, the neighborhood, social amenities, security social events around your home and the general environment the buyer will be enjoying. The idea is to show the buyer value above the particular unit of a house.

Quality photos

Photography plays a major role in attracting the initial interest of a buyer to your home. Hiring a professional photographer may sound a waste of time in this era when cell phones do most of personal photography but it’s not so. Good quality photos get more views online than ordinary ones. Consider using drone cameras for a bird’s eye view if you want to highlight the area surrounding your home.

Quality lighting

Potential buyers or agents will always make a visit to the home before making a decision to buy. Make the best impression on this visit by ensuring the home is well lit. Allow natural light where possible and use bulbs in poorly lit places.

Inform your neighbors

Your neighbor could be your customer. They are the best agents for word of mouth as they can relate the experience of living in the area with their family, friends and workmates. A neighbor could also be interested in buying the home as a gift or for investment.

Advertise in the right place.

For Sale By Owner ads are best placed with Zillow and other similar sites that allow virtual 3D tours. If you are using an agent, they will be best suited to advise on their preferred site. However, you can complement their work with an additional ad to your social media pages to help close the deal faster.

Offer incentives

Price is not the only incentive available for home sellers. Incentives may include paying the closing costs, including appliances with the home and offering upfront repairs. This will set your home above the competition and attract more enquiries.

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