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Simple Property Group was initially created with one goal in mind: to make the process of investing in Real Estate simple.  Whether you are interested in deploying your capital on short term lengths, long term buy and hold for passive dividends, or perhaps you have assets that need managing, we have a plan in place for all.  Not only do we offer these opportunities in some already "hot" markets, but we are expanding our markets rapidly as we anticipate several regions continuing to grow.  

Our short term redevelopment projects allow us to focus on distressed assets to add value, and flip capital in a short time frame.  Our process of forced appreciation gives us the equity resources to accelerate investments and portfolio growth.

Our long term, buy and hold program allows us to establish reliable cash flows in markets where short term investment strategies are not as prevalent.  We benefit from an increased ROI and a slow equity build.  Regardless if the property is a SFR or a multi unit building, we are always on the look out for properties where we can profit along with our investment partners.  

Our Short Term Rental team has two focuses: Corporate rentals and Vacation STR.  We see a tremendous opportunity to add value to both segments where the value and offerings don't overlap in the industry.  You either have to sacrifice quality for the flexibility, or you are paying over the top for nice accommodations.  Our focus is providing exceptional customer service at a great location, for an affordable rate.  Your reputation in this industry is paramount and we understand that we need to perform at all levels if we expect a positive review, a recommendation, or even more important: a repeat customer. 

We aim to make Real Estate... Simple. 


Join our dynamic and experienced team.  Our aggressive marketing plan and positive reputation allow us to continuously expand our successful team. 

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