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10 Real Estate Must Reads for 2020

The book has been read by millions and it has proven insights on what makes some rich and some poor. Robert Kiyosaki draws from logic and prudence to illustrate how rich people look and interpret life and circumstances and how those who end up poor also look at and interpret matters of finance. It is a masterpiece that any investor in real estate or any field can benefit from. It shows how both riches and poverty can be planned or predicted based on our daily decisions on spending and investing.

Doug Marshall delves into the Commercial real estate business and how it differs from residential investments. He takes the reader through the world on investing in office space, warehouses, data centres, distribution centres, multifamily rental units and other commercial property. He illustrates six laws of real estate which if followed can guarantee success and profitability in commercial assets. He also shows how investors can identify good assets and areas to invest in as well as strategies to attract buyers to your commercial investment.

This books is a study of 100 millionaires and how they succeeded through real estate. The study shows that there is indeed a formula for making it big in property even if you start with meagre resources. There can be no better lesson than one from the successful men and women of the day. With these strategies, Gary Keller shows that success is not determined by what you have but what you know and are willing to put to practice.

The book focuses on how to retire before time by investing in real estate. It outlines strategies that can lead to financial freedom. He narrates how 25 different retirees managed to create wealth and achieve financial freedom. The chapters are well punctuated with real life lessons from those who made it and the hurdles they had to overcome. It also brings out the important lessons any investor needs to master and how to plan for a successful real estate future.

In this book, Craig Hall a successful investor underscores the importance of timing in real estate success. He answers the questions on When to buy, When to sell, where to buy, how to identify a good opportunity and property, how to predict price increase and decrease, riding the bulls and avoiding the down turns. It is a practical tool that will help any investor learn to avoid emotional decision making and to cultivate patience and prudence.

The book discusses how Donald Trump, a successful real estate investor and politician runs his business and life. It illustrates his approach to what is possible and achievable as well as his ‘think big mindset’ and how these have contributed to his marked success in real estate. He illustrates how he identifies great opportunities and strategies he employs to wind incredible deals. He gives specific examples on how he works with contractors and other partners to get the best deal and ensure his projects are of high quality and attractive to the target market.

This book was first published in 1937 but has been updated to reflect modern real estate trends and insights. The author sought to answer one critical question – What makes a winner? In answering this question, he analysed the millionaires of the time like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie and documented their secrets to success. The modern edition of the book focuses on modern billionaires including Bill Gates, Mary Kay and John Templeton to illustrate ‘the law of success’ in creating wealth. It is a classic that any investor will find valuable and resourceful.

Having struggled before establishing herself in real estate, Shelly Shavitz knows too well the path of success and that of stagnation and failure. In this book, she outlines what a new real estate investor should expect in the first one year, how to plan ahead and the systems that she used to accelerate her career. It is a must read for any budding real estate investor or those planning to get started.

Phil Pustejovsky draws from his experiences both as real estate coach and investor to present a systematic procedure for making wealth. He also uses his own example to show that creativity and the right strategy are more powerful tools for success than capital. The book also outlines strategies competing with other investors plus how to get your lender’s approval for your capital needs.

The book is a great guide for finding and acquiring real estate projects. It gives nine steps to building a real asset base without debt following laid down strategies. You will learn how to finance property purchases, real estate cycles and how to capitalize on them, negotiating techniques and how to turn any situation in your favour and retirement investing. It also teaches how to create a stable and sustainable cash flow and how to avoid common real estate mistakes.

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