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Vacation Rental Value

3 Ways To Build Value for your Vacation Rental

Getting customers for your vacation rental will not be easy anymore. Sending out adverts, photos, description and great prices and will help your visibility but may not get you the booking call you so desperately need. The market is now shifting from price only competitiveness to value. Customers want something more than just a night in your rental. They want a value that is above the price they pay to be in your rental. You need something unique to complement your offering, an experience that customer will carry about your property and the time they spent there. Here are 3 simple ways you can use to build your value proposition and stand out from the crowd.

Unique interior design

Your property is your product and as such it needs to be packaged with the customer in mind. Most people doing vacation rentals have not embraced interior design as a marketing tool. The design of your rooms can change the feeling of the occupant and will either make them feel better and have a memory of their stay or forget it as soon as they leave. A good choice of colors and style will give your room a uniqueness that is unforgettable. Think of your property as a home and try to provide a similar experience to your customers. Think of what makes for a good home in form of the choice of furniture, linen, rag towels and the colour code. This does not have to be expensive. The market is awash with many items on offer and you cannot lack some good stuff. If you are not able to figure out what can be done, try hiring an interior designer to guide you through. It will be worth the fee.

Earn the trust of your guests

Big brands like Hilton or Riz Carleton don’t need brand building. Guests already trust them but not so for individuals or small businesses trying to get started on the business. Trust building must therefore be part of every -day work in progress as you deal with clients. Personalizing yours service is the only way to build trust. Guests want to know they are renting from real people who they can relate with. Your presence to walk with them throughout their stay can make all the difference. They also want to be able to communicate directly and so it’s important to avail a phone number and email they can use to reach you with ease.

Charm your guests

The internet era has forced people to rely on reviews before buying online products or services. Bad reviews can automatically mean lost business and good reviews more customers. Getting good reviews depends on the customer experience and this is where you need to be deliberate on how you want your clients to feel while with you. There are ways you can charm your guest and almost be sure of a five star review. First, the basics have to be right; this includes everything in the home form clean beddings, kitchen and well-kept utensils. How you receive your guests on arrival has an impact on their view of the property. Some people offer a free chocolate or coffee on arrival to let their guest feel at home. A brief orientation and a follow up call to ensure your guests are well settles can boost your ratings as a hospitable host. After the stay, take time to see your guests off and if possible give a handwritten ‘thank you’ note.

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