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Travel Pod People

The Rise of Travel Pods

The fear of getting close to infected people has raised people’s awareness of who they get close to and who they spend their time with. For many years, friends, colleagues, families and friends have travelled together for the joy that comes with it. With increasing risks in traveling in crowds, people have tried traveling alone or in twos but this does not seem to bring out the pleasure that being with friends can. There is an evolving feeling of isolation and boredom even with the underlying health considerations. And avid travelers are now getting back to ‘safe’ travel groupings in what is now being referred to as ‘travel pods’. These are small groups of people who are familiar to one another and who choose to combine efforts to go out on a tour. These may include two or more unrelated couples, extended families or multigenerational groups. Travel pods offer several advantages that short term rentals and tour service providers can work around to create business options. A survey by in July 2020 showed that a high of 79% of the 20000 respondents indicated a willingness to travel in pods.

Safety in Knowledge

As each one of us does their best to keep safe, we also love to be with others who are like us. Travel pods are growing in popularity because people can choose who to travel and spend time with unlike where groups were a mere combination of people based on a specified holiday offering. People who know each other are able to work together more effectively and develop rules for their trip or getaway. This assures every one of their safety allowing them to dedicate their time to the vacation and making the best of it.

Exclusive Bookings

With the Covid fears looming over the travel industry, travelers are more comfortable living in close proximity to known others even if it’s away from home. For example, pods can book travel and accommodation in batches that will eliminate the need to have strangers in their van, bus or short term rental facility. For a group of 20, they can search for a residency that has that capacity and arrange everything together.

Cost cutting

Travelling in pods is also emerging as a great cost cutting measure. Groups are always given better rates than individuals. Savings can be done in travel, accommodation, events and even meals. Each dollar saved makes the trip more affordable and enjoyable for each individual. Pods may even travel to more destinations than individuals as they try to satisfy each person’s desire and build the pod. The groups can also cut costs by sharing duties which would otherwise be outsourced like cooking, washing and cleaning.

Innovative packages

Travel service providers, hotels and short term rental operators are starting to craft pod friendly travel packages to attract this emerging market niche. Some of the already established products are like family only rentals, group sports tours and group friendly packages.

Short term rentals service providers will need to shift from the one size fits all packages and start focusing on such trends like the travel pods in developing their packages and attracting new businesses.

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