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Top 7 Real Estate podcasts

The dream of every real estate investor is always ultimate success and significance. The path to success is however not clearly defined and many have fallen by the wayside. Learning from those who have been there and made it is a great strategy to guarantee success. Podcasts are emerging as a popular means for experts to share their experiences and lessons learned on their way up. Here are some of the best podcasts from experts.

Host : Tom Ferry

Topics : Marketing & Business podcast for real estate agents

Tom ferry has over 30 years’ experience in the real estate market and loves to share his secrets to success. He is widely considered as the best real estate educator and speaker. He is also a bestselling author. His advice will add value to your real estate career and boost your income.

Host: Brandon Turner, Joshua Dorkin

Topics: Real estate investment podcast for homeowners, brokers, entrepreneurs, and investors

The podcast is hosted by Brandon Turner, a seasoned real estate investor and Joshua Dorkin, a former real estate investor and it focuses on fundamentals of the industry plus strategies to success.

Host : J. Massey

Topics : Commercial Real estate investment podcast for anyone

J. Massey is the master facilitator for Robert Kiyosaki’s 101 games. He covers a wide range of topics from prospecting, flipping, wholesaling, closing and buying among many more. You will love the magnetic passion and the insight in these episodes.

Host: Jared James

Topics: How to list and sell more listings, tips for engagement, real estate marketing

Jared James is a coach and mentor. He is a popular speaker who is known to ‘tell it as it is” in addressing pitfalls of real estate professionals. He is present on major social channels and also hosts Master summits and sector engagements across the US.

Host: Teri Conrad

Topic : real estate, social media, and radio advertising

Teri Conrad is the founder of Agent Quest a platform to help people find real estate agents. She is a facilitator who brings together thought leaders and real estate visionaries for quality discussions and insights. Her podcasts will help you position your brand in the market and be ready to compete at the high table.

Host : Jeff Manson

Topics : Sales, Marketing, Business & Technology for real estate

Jeff Mason is the founder of Real Geeks company that helps agent connect with numerous online prospects. Building this successful business and his real estate experience sets him apart as one with valuable practical insights for success. His conversations centre on hot topics like prospecting, presentations, listing, bookings and much more.

Hosts: Julie and Tim Harris

Topics : Sales, marketing, business and technology for residential real estate

Julie and Harris are award winning coaches and they use their daily podcasts to help budding and seasoned agents find their way to success in the viciously competitive real estate business.

Special Mention:

Host: Joe Fairless

Topics: Various.

Joe covers a wide array of topics that range from SFR, to Commercial units, to unique investment offerings. He has guests who come onto the show and discuss their backgrounds and how they choose to deploy their capital. Short term rentals, to long term buy and hold, this is a great option if you want a quick Real Estate Podcast to listen to on the way to work. Also its on everyday, and known as the longest daily real estate podcast! Highly recommended.

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