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Sweet Digs=Nice Reviews

Living in a unique and exciting environment is one of the reasons travelers and holiday makers love living in short term rentals. Unlike hotels where everything is set for the masses, short term rentals offer a wide variety of choices in order to create a memorable stay for their clients. Furniture is one if not the most Important part of any home. Your visitors interact with it more than any other item and for much longer in their stay on your apartment. The quality and setting of your furniture add to the overall satisfaction or dissatisfaction of your visitors. A happy customers is more likely to come back, refer a friend or better still leave a feedback worth a million bucks. So, what should a short term rental owner consider when deciding and setting up furniture?

1. Settle of a style

Before you jump into buying sofas, beds, dining room sets or any other furniture, it is important to think and plan what you wish to provide and how that will fit into your short term rental. Any style you choose must be able to appeal to a wide range of clientele given that you don’t have control over who chooses your rental.

2. Decide your target market

The other option is to set your style to fit a specific class like millenials, middle aged or seniors. The target market may make the work of choosing the right furniture easier. Travelling nurses and doctors may be more attracted to a rental with a study desk than leisure travelers. Families on the other hand may be interested in a spacious dining room and lounge than single guests.

3. Durability

Short term rentals are used by different people with different objectives and there must be a balance between quality and appeal. Good quality furniture will better satisfy the visitor than old and broken ones. A visitor who likes your quality furniture is more likely to mention it in their reviews. Broken and unusable furniture will most likely make part of the feedback your visitors leave on review or social media sites and this will negatively affect your marketing efforts.

4. Interior design

Interior design has become a major focus for home décor and set up. Engaging an interior designer to help decide on the design and type of furniture to provide can change the experience your visitors have while on your rental. Purpose to wow the visitor with a not so extravagant design. Remember always to keep it moderate because of the wide variety of your clientele. Let everything be the right size and in the right place and you will be almost sure of a positive review.

5. Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance are a regular function of keeping any property in top-notch shape. This is even much more for vacation rentals which must remain attractive and competitive all the time. It is recommended that there be regular checks on the property to ensure every furniture is in good shape and looks appealing to the visitor. Never allow torn, broken and worn out furniture in your rental. You must have repair services on call and never allow a visitor in when even one item is not at its optimum.


Short term rentals like many other businesses depend on reviews to keep them on the eye of news and repeat customers. Furniture reviews can play an additional role to complement your other marketing efforts. Imagine the value of being voted or celebrated as the rental with best furniture in your category. This would almost guarantee you long term business.

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