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STR Softwares for 2021

Best Short Term Rental Management Software in 2021

Running a successful short term rental business requires skill and dedication to ensure success. From advertising your property, pitching for guests all the way to how you receive and host, there are software options available. Major short term rental service providers like Airbnb, and Virbo have their own proprietary management software available for clients on their network. However, hosts prefer to work with more than one provider so as to ensure maximum bookings. Several companies have in the recent past come up with management software that helps hosts to navigate across the different short term rentals service providers. Here are some of those which may be on the rise in 2021.

Guesty is a property management software company that offers a multi-calender, messaging tool and a reporting and analysis tool. The system helps manage availability across, rates, photos, set up multiple user accounts, creates automated messaging templates and tasks. It also manages payment charging balance of booking charges on a guest’s arrival. It is adapted by many across the USA. It also allows property owners to view different properties in their portfolio which is great for those managing for clients.

This is one of the easiest software for property management. It works well with multiple units enabling owners to manage bookings and payments without the need for third party software. It is an excellent choice for property owners and managers for keeping in tabs with their business without reference outside of the system. It is offered on a 7- day free trial and you can try it to see how it solves your management problems even before you pay.

The Fantastic stay system offers a standard management platform that includes booking management, calendar management, and a channel manager. It also comes with a website builder and automated messaging functionality. The user experience is smooth, and the system has a clean, modern look. Fantastic stay does not charge monthly subscription but a booking fee making it cost effective as it only charges when there is a paying customer unlike others which charge on monthly basis. It is a good choice for those starting off in the business.

Beds 24 offers a full range of services including booking and reservations and calendar management. It is also great for customization allowing you to add any restriction of your choice like pricing rule, fee and other internal policies. It helps you channel connections without need for assistance. It is best for those starting off or with a passion to run their own short term rental business.

Launched in 2015, IGMS now supports over 100,000 listings on their network. The unique system allows you to configure direct connections with multiple Airbnb accounts which is a great option for property managers who list multiple properties under different profiles. The cleaning management features also help to streamline cleaning operations at scale.

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