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5 unique short term property management softwares

The rise in home sharing platforms like AirBnb, HomeAway, VBRO and many others in the last few years has raised the investor appetite for short term property. Whether you are renting out an extra room, an entire residential house or owning multiple units and apartments, there is a need to ensure there is proper and effective administration of your property and optimal business performance. There is also a need to ensure time and money is not lost on idle time after a client leaves. There are many softwares used to manage short term property but here are 5 of the most unique.

The Kigo marketplace platform is the easiest way to automate and simplify your operational and business needs of your short term rental property. In one system you get a platform to manage bookings, communicate with potential guests and manage your property data. Its key features include owner experience, operations management, insurance, website and online payment processing. The software comes packed with free training materials while you also get an implementation consultant to support in case of any hiccups. It’s full circle visibility keeps you in control by easing the burden of control allowing owners to focus on growing the business.

This is a cloud based solution for vacation rentals which focuses on enabling managers get clients through advertisements on various channels. It also does bookings management and payment processing. Other unique Hostaway features include workflow automation for sending emails to guests and an ability to update rates on various listing platforms. Managers can add new users and control their roles. Hostaway also has reporting features where users can create and export financial reports, reservations and cancellations. For proper planning, the software also allows users to use performance reports to plan ahead. It is compatible to both Android and IOS.

Guesty allows users to manage listings across multiple channels including TripAdvisor, Airbnb and and others. Its user interface includes has features to enable automation of routine operations, communications, payments processing and reporting. It Guest Communication Service feature gives managers peace of mind by ensuring guest needs are met around the clock. The Guesty package includes a website and a mobile app can be used on the keeping managers on top of the business process. Guesty easily integrates with other software and can easily sync reservations and listing information.

Ciirus offers reservation management, quotes marketing, accounting, website management and reporting within a suite. It is available in cloud and on-premise deployment as per customer needs. The unique software allows users to manage bookings from different channels including offline sources. It also integrates bookings and payment processing from and other providers. One of Ciirus’ unique features is the housekeeping function that allows users to manage housekeeping staff and maintenance activities which also has a real time job tracker. In addition, users can design customized websites or integrate with an existing one.

This unique software helps vacation rental managers automate tasks and online distribution. It has a real time booking engine that allows users to choose their rates as well as apply discounts and coupon codes. The reservations system allows managers or users to offer front office support, accounting, maintenance and housekeeping services. The system also has a marketing and lead management functions. Renter queries can be answered automatically through an inbuilt response function and guests have a mobile app to access their booking details. Its web feature is integrated with Google maps, search, Social media pages and has options for creating images and brochures. Reporting is also enabled with ability for performance reports and income statement downloads.


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