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SELL and make is snappy!

Gone are the days when home sales took 6 days to complete. Today, this still happens but only to those who have learned the art of skillfully positioning in a market where competition very stiff. Sellers are having to wait for months with some giving up after a long time of trying to sell without success. Others are resulting to price reductions to try and attract that elusive deal. Here are proven techniques agents can employ to maximize their chances of selling a stagnated property.

Request a spruce up

Every buyer wants to get a good value for their money and thus will always go for what consider the best at the given price range. A poorly maintained home can take longer to sell compared with one that is well prepared for sale. The agent should advice the seller to do renovations that will make the house look attractive to buyers. Buyers look out for beauty in kitchen, bedrooms and in the garden or driveway. Ensure everything is in good condition, clean and usable. The walls can also be enhanced with a new coat of paint or spruced up with a metal brush in case of a concrete wall. Let the home appeal to the buyer by its looks.

Use multiple marketing channels

Most real estate agents concentrate their marketing efforts on popular sites like Trulia, Zillow and These are great platforms but they are crowded with millions of ads making it hard for your property to stand out. It is now becoming more important to explore other options like Social Media including Facebook and Instagram. You can host live viewings on these social platforms to connect with people who might never visit the Real estate blogs.

Use Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most efficient platforms for information dissemination and marketing by extension. Most agents have social pages with thousands of followers but they never take advantage of this huge potential that is at their disposal at no cost. You don’t have to sell directly but you can post videos and photos that your followers will enjoy seeing and sharing. It is also advisable to list the property on business sections like Facebook Market Place. Instagram live views can also help reach out to otherwise untapped market. Your elusive buyer might be just a click away.

Stage your listing

Any strategy that opens a chance for potential buyers to have a look or interact with your property is worth the effort. Staging does exactly that. In a slow market, staging will serve to highlight the unique aspects of your property, give them a chance to have a feel of life in the home and create lasting memories of your property. This may influence their decision when they finally have to make a decision.

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