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Desirable features for homes

Buying a new home is not always an easy task whether you are a first time buyer or not. The possibility of making a mistake is a highly likely especially if you don’t have a list of your most important features. Missing out on key features in a home could cost you money in remodeling or even agony living in a place you don’t enjoy. Given that, on average, Americans live in one home for a period of 9 years according to a report by Quora, the need to be cautious is paramount. Here are 7 most important features any home buyer should insist on before deciding on buying a home.

Adequate bedrooms

A home should provide adequate space for comfortable living for all. Depending on your need, you need to ensure there is good size bedroom for you as the owner and children if there are any. The number of extra bedrooms may differ depending on preference. Some parents prefer each child to have a bedroom while others love sharing for boys and girls respectively. A guest room is always a good consideration and it can also serve as storage, study, prayer room or children lounge.

Modern Kitchen

A kitchen is the centre of every home. The owners and guests will most likely interact with it no matter how long they stay in the home. Millennial are falling for open plan kitchen that enhances interaction within the home. The kitchen needs to be big enough especially if there are children in the home as they will keep wanting to be near those who are cooking to learn a skill or two in cooking. Kitchen accessories should also be modern and in good working condition.

Great storage

You never realize how many things you have until you move homes. Storage is key to having a neat living space and rooms. There are many in ah items in a home that you never realize they need storage. Every person has junk that they carry along for one reason or another. Those with children will most likely have bicycles, scooters, skate boards, toys and other kid play stuff that will require storage. Kitchen utensils can also sometimes be more that the pantry can hold and the extra storage will come in handy for such storage.

Number of bathrooms

Traditional homes usually come with only one bedroom making life difficult especially where the home accommodates more than three people. Hosting guests is also a challenge when the bathroom space is not adequate. Before buying a home, ensure there are enough bathrooms at least one in the master bedroom and one accessible to guests.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency saves money in the long term. Pointers to an energy efficient home will have to do with the appliances in use, positioning of the house also known as ‘Southern Exposure’ especially to allow sunlight in summer and natural light to most of the rooms.

Nine Foot Ceilings

A survey by National Association Of Home Builders (NAHB) shows a preference for high ceilings if 9 feet among home buyers. The ceiling allows more light and air into the rooms and also has an effect of making the rooms look bigger.

Fits your desires

No house is perfect and tastes are as many as there are different people. Go for home with something you like. To some it is the positioning, colors, neighborhood, design or even being close to some place, to some it is the price or the history. No matter what you like, follow your passions and buy a house you will enjoy living in.

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