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Sit back, collect rent, maximize investment

Sign a master lease with Simple Property Group and get paid every month, on time, for 2 years or more.  We handle every detail to make your experience more convenient.  

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Carefully Designed Interiors

Our Interior Design team hand selects the interior design materials and furnishings.  Our goal is for every guest to feel comfortable and inspired in our spaces.  

We craft each room with the daily essentials so each guest feels at home... away from home. 

In certain units we install electronic keypads for safety and convenience. 

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Peace of Mind

When we sign a lease, we become your resident, assuming all risk.  You don't deal with headaches or vacancy issues.  We guarantee you rent, and pay on time, every month, no matter what.  

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High Quality residents

We find the best residents through several avenues.  Either partnering with leading companies or our highly vetted screening process, we make sure your property is in good hands

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Guaranteed Care

We utilize our extensive partnerships to accommodate our residents.  Whether it be repairs, questions, or specific requests, we take care of everything.  Regardless of the situation, we have it covered. 

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