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Move out time!

Five Important Things to Do before Moving out of an apartment

Moving is part of a renter’s life whether you move once in years or just after a short time. It’s not always exciting to move out especially if you have to go far away from your current location. The issues surrounding search for a new apartment and ensuring everything is set before you drive in may overshadow the need for routine checks and balances needed before bidding goodbye to your landlord. Here are five important things you need to do to ensure a smooth handover.

1. Settle with your new landlord

You have given out a 30, 60 or 90 days’ notice to move and so you must settle with your new landlord to ensure the apartment will be available and ready by the time you move in. Many people rely on realtors to work out the details of payment and lease and only come in when they need to sign documents. Although there is nothing wrong with that, you need to get time and personally visit the new apartment with your new landlord to ensure all is as explained by the realtor. A personal check might reveal something that was ignored, left out or forgotten on repairs, painting or renovation. You might also wish to suggest some changes before occupation.

2. Give proper notice

As you finalize on your new apartment, do it in tandem with your notice to the current landlord. The end of your current lease should be the start of the one for the new apartment. Failure to give the notice as per the lease might mean losing your security deposit. The notice should be given in writing e and needs to be delivered to the landlord on time.

3. Do Your Final Repairs

Most leases require the renter to restore the apartment to the state you found it. This includes painting, removing any additions and fixtures. Remember, your security deposit is held primarily to cater for failure in being able to leave the house in the same condition you found it. It is always cheaper to do the repairs than letting the landlord do them. You only do the necessary unlike a landlord who may want to do more just because there is a deposit to pay for the work. It is always a good practice to ask the landlord for a walk-through review when the work is done and this can also be a good time to sign any related documents. This may happen when you have just a few days before moving out.

4. Start Cleaning

When it’s finally time to move, you need to leave take time and get the house clean. For a small apartment, you can do it on your own but bigger ones may require several hands or a cleaning company. This should be the last thing you do after you have packed your belongings. Try to restore all spaces to as close as you found them as possible.

5. Take Some Pictures

This is an important step not just for memories of the place you lived and your last day there but as a record of the state in which you left the apartment. There is always a possibility of landlords raising matters of undone work after you have. These photos can serve as evidence to your advantage. As soon as you are done with the photos, you can hand over the keys and get moving.

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