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Apartment Searching

Necessary Steps to Virtual Apartment Search

Virtual home search has been gaining acceptance in recent years especially due to the possibilities availed by technology. The need for virtual search has been accelerated by the Covid-19 which has made personal visits both impossible and risky. Those with expiring leases are being forced to take the plunge into this space and believe technology can do what they should have done and to their degree of satisfaction. The following guidelines will help allay your fears and sit comfortably and trust your fingers to do the work while you wait to move in at the right time.

Don’t Trust 3D Tours

Agents and some property managers love using 3D tours and images to offer virtual tours to interested renters. Most of these models are either taken when the apartments are newly built or from an unoccupied model house. They might be far much different from the actual apartment you are finally going to pay for and live in. Request for an actual video and photos of the house you are interested in. Videos can be obtained from the property managers or agent but you need to insist on them. Don’t set yourself for a shocker on being taken to a house you have never seen and don’t like.

Check for Reviews

Personal judgement is good but getting a third party view can add to your confidence when making decision for a place to live. Developers and agents only highlight the pros to deliberately capture the imagination of house hunters. Reviews are a good way to get the other side of the story. A good online search can yield enough reviews to help you make an informed decisions. Although reviews are highly subjective, negative ones need to be examined as they might shed some light on the true state of affairs in the apartment itself or the community where it is located.

Expect moving to be different

After virtually searching, finding and paying for your apartment online, the final step is moving in. Most property managers doing virtual renting will want to minimize physical contact. They might even prefer to have you pick the key from a lock box or at the apartment office. This might be discomforting because there will be no one to introduce you to the premises and it might take you a while to know your way around different things. However, you can avoid such agony by requesting for details of on-site staff and who to contact in case of need. Some property managers still offer a friendly welcome when new clients join their community.

Keep It Online

Moving into the apartment is just but the first step in your virtual interaction with the apartment owners. You will need to follow through with it when in need of services, asking questions and even renewing your lease when time comes. Always be prompt and concise in your communication so as to easily pass the message. Finding, paying for an apartment online successfully and moving in safely is a milestone you need to be excited about. You can use your experience to make the experience better when you need to move again.

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