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2021 STR Trends

Travel Trends that will affect Short Term Rentals in 2021

Long home stays in 2020 have left many people hungry for travel and yearning to spend time outside of their usual lockdown locations. A recent report by shows that many people are hoping to resume travel in 2021 but not with the usual considerations. Travel choices will be driven by complete new motivations, considerations and convictions. New norms in how people live, interact and will be at the heart of major travel decisions made henceforth. Here are some of the trends the survey identified as potential movers of demand for travel and short term rentals in the coming years.

Remote working

More people than ever are now working remotely, a phenomenon that has opened new options in their choice of place of residence. There is no longer need to plan to report to office regularly or get to meetings at odd hours, all you need is to be available online or on Zoom in case there is needs of a meeting. With this new found freedom, people can easily travel and still continue working. All you need is to ensure there is internet connectivity wherever you are. This is expected to raise demand for travels especially by those who would not have managed to travel soon due to work commitments.

Price consciousness

Job losses have been the most common feature of 2020 after businesses and factories closed down at the height of the pandemic. Governments had to set in with stimulus checks and other interventions to keep people from starving and in their homes. For those who still had income, it was not as much as they are used to and most luxuries were shelved in favor of basic necessities. As jobs resume, there is little money left for travel adventures. According to the survey, people are looking for affordable travel and destinations. Short term rental owners need to consider this reality as they price their offerings.

Travel with peers

People are now more health conscious than ever before. You only trust people who you know that they are keeping safe like you. The days of travelling, dining and wining with strangers are coming to an end. A new trend is emerging where people are choosing to travel with known peers. Families, friends and neighbors are now willing to take journeys together to minimize their risk of contracting Covid while on a tour. Family friendly short term rentals and travel packages will grow in attractiveness in the coming months.

Travel to nearby sites

Long distance travel is becoming less attractive as people seek to spend less time in groups. There is an emerging trend where travelers are more interested in destinations within driving distance from their homes. Most people polled said they now choose destinations within 2 hours driving time to minimize the need for hotel stays. For travel companies, this is will be an interesting space to watch. Local holiday destinations are recording higher bookings for single day visitors that there before as people still struggle with going back to the usual residential bed and breakfast holiday style.

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